Maya Exploration Center: Education Through Exploration
Tours are led by distinguished scholars in the field of Maya archaeology, not local guides with only memorized facts about specific ruins.

MEC tour packages include information packets and multi-media presentations that explain the latest theories of ancient Maya history and culture.

Groups get not one but multiple guides during the tour. Participants are therefore exposed to the perspective of a variety of scholars, each of whom specializes in different aspects of Maya archaeology.

Full Service. Let us sweat the details. From the moment you arrive in the Mundo Maya to the moment you depart, Maya Exploration Center handles the details. With comfortable, private transportation, first class hotel accommodations, great restaurants and catered meals all pre-arranged, MEC sweats the details so you don't have to.

Smart Itineraries. Don't see Mesoamerica from the window of a moving bus. Maya Exploration Center works hard to build itineraries that maximize your time "on the ground" not in a bus.

Tax Deductible. Maya Exploration Center research is funded in large part through the fees collected from tours and study abroad programs. Thus, participants not only contribute to our continuing archaeological research, but a portion of the tour fee qualifies as a tax deductible contribution to MEC. When you purchase a tour you will receive a receipt acknowledging your tax deductible gift to MEC.
Whether it is as simple as adding a site to one of the Chiapas Packages, or as complex as building an itinerary from scratch, contact us today to build your own personalized expedition. After booking a tour, the next logical question is "What to Bring?". MEC has compiled a list of items that we have found to be essential for your comfort and safety when traveling in Mesoamerica.

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