Maya Exploration Center: Education Through Exploration

The following is a list of items that we have found to be essential for your comfort and safety when traveling with a MEC program. Printable

Your Passport
At least one pair of long pants
Shorts and short sleeve shirts
Hiking Boots and sandals or tennis shoes
Rain poncho
Swim suits
Travel alarm clock
Small day-pack
Bug repellent
Sun screen
Flash light
Water bottle
Extra film or digital media
Extra batteries for flashlight and camera
Dramamine if you are prone to motion sickness*

Especially for Students on Travel Abroad Programs

Your student ID card
Notebook and something to write with

Weather Information
  Spring, Summer and Fall evening temperatures can get into the 70's, especially if it rains. If this is cold to you, you may want to bring long sleeve shirts or sweaters. The days will range between the high 80's to high 90's.

Winter evening temperatures can drop into the high 50's. Adjust your clothing to inlcude a few more long sleeve shirts, long pants, sweaters or sweat shirts. Daytime temperatures range between the 70's to high 80's.

* The Maya Exploration Center's staff are not medical professionals and cannot advise you on pre-course vaccinations or medicines to bring along. Most participants require no vaccinations but each person's case is different and you should consult your personal physician.

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Suggested reading books can be bought at JungleCasts with Dr. Barnhart