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»BA from George Washington University, English Literature Department, 1964
»MA from George Washington University, English Literature Department, 1967
»Author of The Turquoise Trail

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Carol Karasik is a writer and editor who has worked on books and films in the fields of anthropology, art, ecology, and educational philosophy. As an educational consultant, she designed experimental programs for state and local school systems and the US Department of Education. During the past fifteen years in Chiapas, she has edited two books of photography, a collection of Maya women's poetry, as well as numerous books on Maya culture, including Maya Tales from Zinacantán: Dreams and Stories from the People of the Bat; Living Maya; and Every Woman Is a World: Interviews with Women of Chiapas. She is the author of The Turquoise Trail, a popular book on cross-cultural communication between the Southwestern United States and Mesoamerica. She has also worked as a writer on a variety of documentaries for the Smithsonian and National Geographic. She received a National Endowment for the Humanities award for her script on Maya civilization. Her poems have appeared in Grant Street, La Jicara, and Blue Light, Red Light. She recently completed a novel set in nineteenth-century Chiapas. Corazon abriendo, a multi-media dance piece based on Maya weaving, for which she wrote the text, is now being performed in the US and Mexico.

Carol received a B.A. in English Literature from The George Washington University in 1964, did graduate work in English and Irish Literature at New York University, and completed her M.A. in 1967 at The George Washington University. During graduate school, she studied with poet and novelist James Dickey. She participated in advanced seminars in Maya hieroglyphics under Dr. Linda Schele, University of Texas at Austin. She is currently working with a Maya women's theater group and conducting research on archaeoastronomy at Palenque.
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