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Dr. Michael Grofe [e-mail]
»Ph.D. from the University of California at Davis, Department of Native American Studies, 2007
»M.A. from the California Institute of Integral Studies, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, 1998
»Researcher on the Maya Hieroglyphic Database Project, 2001-2007

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A specialist in Maya hieroglyphic writing, archaeoastronomy, comparative mythology, and cacao, Dr. Grofe has led multiple field courses in Belize, Mexico and India. He is particularly interested in the confluence of mythological narrative and participatory science in Mesoamerica, and the historical interaction between the traditions of the Maya and Central Mexico. In his doctoral research at the University of California at Davis, he explored a new astronomical interpretation of the Serpent Series within the Dresden Codex, and he is currently expanding this research to incorporate the theoretical astronomy found in the Palenque inscriptions.

Dr. Grofe has published several papers and presented his diverse research on archaeoastronomy and the mythology of cacao at multiple conferences. In 2007, he designed and curated an exhibit on cacao and the ancient Maya at the Gorman Museum at U.C. Davis. An experienced teacher, Dr. Grofe has taught numerous courses on the Popol Vuh and Native American literature, and he is currently teaching cultural anthropology, archaeology and physical anthropology at American River College in Sacramento, California.
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