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James Eckhardt [e-mail]
»Archaeologist in Northwestern Belize 1995-1997
»Chief surveyor of the Palenque Mapping Project 1998-2000
»Professional surveyor in Austin, Texas 2000-present

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A professional surveyor and an archaeologist with eight years of field experience, James Eckhardt is MEC's senior survey crew chief. He has particpated in multiple excavations in Northwestern Belize, including the excavtion of a royal tomb at the site of Dos Hombres. He has surveyed and mapped with teams at the Belizean ruins of Guijeral, Chan Chich and Ma'ax Na.

From 1998 to 2000 he was a senior member of the Palenque Mapping project. Since 2000 Eckhardt has been working as a crew chief for a professional survey company in Austin, Texas. His knowledge of professional survey methods and experience in the Maya region make him a key member of the MEC team.
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