Maya Exploration Center: Education Through Exploration
Palenque, one of the most beautiful and compelling of all Maya ruins, attracts a steady stream of world-renowned archaeologists and anthropologists.

MEC has successfully capitalized on this fact with the "MEC Periodic Interview Series". As scholars of note pass through Palenque, MEC requests a brief interview concerning their research and personal background. These interviews are then transcribed and posted on the MEC website.

Thus far, MEC has interviewed:

Dr. Robert Rands (98kb PDF), creator of the Palenque ceramic sequence

Dr. Merle Greene-Robertson (300kb PDF), Director of PARI and famous for creating thousands of rice paper rubbings of Maya stone carvings

Dr. Robert M. Laughlin (157kb PDF), eminent anthropologist who has studied the modern Maya of highland Chiapas for over 30 years

Moises Morales Marquez (69kb PDF), self-made man and resident of Palenque who has been changing the way people think about Palenque for the last 50 years

Dr. Peter Mathews (136kb PDF), part of the team who broke the code of Maya hieroglyphics in 1973, he now teaches archaeology and hieroglyphics at La Trobe University in Australia

A Dark Day at El Cayo (148kb PDF), the story of a brutal attack and robbery that occurred at the ruins of El Cayo - as told by Dr. Peter Mathews

Dr. Robert Rands

Dr. Merle Greene-Robertson

Dr. Robert M. Laughlin

Moises Morales Marquez

Dr. Peter Mathews
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